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Dental Education

double dabAt Hilliard Pediatric Dentistry, we believe education is power.

Let’s face it, your child’s smile, form the very beginning, is a joy to behold. That doesn’t change as your child ages! People are naturally drawn to a smile, and it’s important that your child is able to smile with confidence.

We accomplish that confident smile through preventive and restorative dental care, of course, but also through the parent/caregiver’s cooperation at home. Consistent and correct at-home care is the single most important thing you can do to give your child a healthy, happy and confident smile.

Do infant teeth need care?

Yes. Infant teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth, so they need daily care as soon as they erupt. You can wipe infant teeth with a soft cloth daily. Here are other tips. 

How do I get my older children to brush?

This is a dilemma for the ages! Starting them brushing at age 3 can get them in the habit. By age 10, your child should be able to floss correctly too, or to use a water flosser. Here are some other tips. 

Does my child’s diet affect their teeth?

Absolutely yes. While we know how difficult it is to limit sweets and other sugary foods, it’s a good idea to try as these are the worst foods for your child’s teeth. Find out where else sugar is hiding here. 

My child has special needs, can you provide dental care?

Of course. In fact, studies show that children with emotional, intellectual and physical special needs often are lacking in good dental habits and care. We are trained to work with your special needs child, so call for a consultation.

My child will not sit still and is also afraid of dentists and doctors. Can you help?

Yes, we practice behavior management techniques to help calm the child and guide them to a successful visit. Don’t worry about this part – you’re not the first parent with a squiggly or scared child.